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Tax Filing Info

Papin CPA PLLC - Tax Return Filing Information

Please Visit: for 2019 tax return filing information.

Tax Preparation Process

We strive to use the benefits of technology to systemize and streamline preparing your tax return.  This primarily relies on the use of your client portal for the receipt and delivery of information to prepare your return.  This page is designed to give you some additional details on our tax process and some helpful hints to address common questions we receive from clients.

Most clients appreciate our commitment to organization and scheduling to accommodate the seasonal nature of our business.  Please remember that many of our clients work with us monthly and/or have tax work that requires our attention well in advance of the seasonal filing deadlines.  If you have a specific timeline or special request, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention.  We will certainly do our best to accommodate based on the facts and circumstances.  Please be aware that expedited processing during peak filing are accepted on a case by case basis and will be approved by the Papin CPA team in advance of accepting the work. 

What are the steps to Papin CPA preparing my return?

1. In mid to late January, the Papin CPA team will deliver Tax Engagement Letters and Client Organizers to our clients.  It is important that you sign the engagement letter as soon as possible.  The receipt of a signed Engagement Letter allows the Papin CPA team to properly plan and accommodate the preparation of your return.  We can not move forward without this signed letter.  Those clients with a signed Annual Maintenance Services agreement also need to complete the Tax Engagement Letter. 

The client provides the Papin CPA team with their complete tax information.  This tax information includes your Client Organizer.  At a minimum we need you to complete your Questionnaire (Yes/No Questions) and return it along with your tax documents.  Even if you fill in your client organizer, we need the tax documents you receive each year.  The most effective way to deliver us this information is through your client portal.  We recommend that you use a 300 dpi or greater scan resolution to deliver us information.  Please keep in mind that our client portal is the most secure way to exchange information, but you can deliver information to the Papin CPA team via mail or e-mail.  For information on how to use the client portal to deliver information please visit: – Client Login – Client Portal-How To

2. Once we have received your Signed Engagement Letter, Client Organizer and Tax Information, we will begin working on your tax return.  We strive for a 14-day maximum turnaround on tax information.  The type of return and the time of year can impact this timeline.  Our peak filing season is the period from February 15 to April 15 and August 1 to October 15.  Returns are completed on a first in, first out basis.  If you have questions about the timing of your return and you have not heard from the Papin CPA team in over 14 days, please contact us at and we will update you on the status.

3. When the return is complete, it is delivered to your client portal.  You are automatically notified when your tax return is available.  You should immediately login to review your return and return your e-file authorizations.  We can not file your return without your signatures on the e-file authorization documents.  Payment is expected in advance of the filing of your return. 

4. After we receive your e-file authorizations and payment, your return will be electronically filed.  There are some exceptions that may require us to paper file your return.  The Papin CPA team will generally pre-assemble your return for signatures and mailing or organize an in-office meeting to handle any paper filings.  After the filing of your return, there is no action required on your part.  Refunds will be processed within the IRS or state tax authority timelines.  You can follow up on refunds by going to the appropriate tax authority’s refund link, do not have access to different information than what you see in the tax authority's refund links. 

Information on E-Signatures

Papin CPA utilizes E-Signatures where possible.  An E-Signature is completed on your phone, tablet or computer and is different from using products Adobe Sign or DocuSign to sign documents.  E-Signatures allow us to be more expedient and consistent in the receipt of information from our clients.  Please note the following requirements of our E-Signatures:

Engagement Letters                       Reminder E-mail:              1 week                 Document Expiration: 1 year

Personal E-File Authorization         Reminder E-mail:              18 hours              Document Expiration: 3 days

  • The only tax document that can be E-Signed is the Form 1040 E-File Authorization forms.  The reminder and expiration are dictated by IRS rules.
  • If you and your spouse file a joint return, both spouses must complete the E-Signature process.  If both do not complete the E-Signature process, you will have to print, sign and return your e-file authorizations that are found in your client portal.
  • There is a validation step required in the E-Signature process.  It only gives you one attempt to accurately complete the validation.  If you fail this validation you will need to print, sign and return your e-file authorizations.
  • A demo of the E-Signature process is found here:

All other returns cannot be E-Signed and will need to be printed, signed and returned.


Tips to ensure my return is prepared as promptly as possible. 

Provide a complete set of information to the Papin CPA team including your Signed Engagement Letter, Client Organizer Questionnaire, and government tax forms.

Please review your tax form scanning so that all documents are visible and organized in a consistent manner.  (It’s hard to read sideways or upside down!!!)

Confirm you are receiving notifications when information is delivered to your client portal and promptly respond to any portal notifications.

Keep in mind the following dates:

  1. The IRS opens the e-filing window in late January.
  2. Your tax documents are to be mailed annually by January 31.
  3. Business returns are due annually on March 15.
  4. Refunds generally process 10 days from filing, but can be delayed for several reasons.

Consider the Papin CPA Annual Maintenance Program. 


How do I keep the cost of tax preparation to a minimum?

Provide all government forms that you receive.

Prepare totals for any receipts or provided by client information.

Be willing to accept processing delays during peak filing times. 

File during non-peak filing times by filing under extension.

Consider the Papin CPA Annual Maintenance Program.