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Client Portal - How To

Papin CPA offers all important tax document and corporation records available to you at any time. 24/7.  The system is called your Client Portal.

How do I access Client Portal Account?

  • Smartphone/Tablet App
  • You can access your portal directly from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Download the app “Net Client CS” for your Apple or Android device.
  • Once downloaded, you can access your account through the login. 
  • Enter your Username and Password when prompted.

  • Internet Access
  • You can access your account by going to our website:
  • At any web page, on the bottom of the page, look for the Client Login.
  • Enter your Username and Password when prompted.


What is my username and password for my Client Portal

  • Default login for setup
  • When you are established as a client, you receive an invitation to establish your login.
  • You can choose your username and password when registering your portal, the first time.
  • You can edit your account by clicking your name on the top right of the page.


I can’t login!  What do it do?

  • Forgot your login info?
  • If you have forgotten your login information, go to and click on the link provided to retrieve your account information. 
  • “Forgot your password?” is located immediately below the “Login” button.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot retrieve your password.


How do I get my Tax Returns?

Current year tax returns are found by choosing your name (or business name) on the left hand side of the screen and then following the following folder path:  Tax Returns - 12-31-YY (YY ending the last two digits of the tax return year or 17 for 2017).  You will see US Tax Return and OK Tax Return (or other states).

E-File Authorizations are found by choosing your name (or business name) on the left hand side of the screen and then following the following folder path:  Tax Returns - 12-31-YY - Action Items.  Instructions on payments and/or other filings will be contained in the Action Items.  The E-File Authorizations (generally US Form 8879 and OK Form EF) should be returned to the Papin CPA Team.  We can not file your return without your written authorization on the US or State specific forms.  

What is my Client Portal Used for?

What information can I find on my Client Portal?

  • Income Tax information
  • Personal and/or Corporate tax returns
  • Tax prep source documents
  • Corporation records
  • Corporation annual Minutes

Includes annual SOS business renewal

  • Corporation Record Books
  • Other corporation doc updates

Examples: Lease and/or Royalty agreements, Corp Reimburse policies, etc.

  • Payroll Tax Information—only if a current payroll client
  • Quarterly tax returns
  • Annual W-2, W-3
  • Employee pay stubs
  • Invoices / Billing
  • Invoices can be found in:

My Invoices – Open

  • Prior invoices can be found in

MyInvoices – Paid


Papin CPA, PLLC uses the client portal as the primary means of notification to clients.  You will immediately be notified when new information is available.  You will receive an automated e-mail or app alert when data is uploaded to your portal.  This is the most reliable and fastest way to notify clients about the status of the work we do for them.

Document Delivery to Papin CPA


  • File Exchange is a tool where you can upload documents to us in a secure environment.
  • Click on the File Exchange link, select the folder and select upload


  • Choose the files you want to upload from your computer.
  • Be sure you click “Start Upload” to deliver us your documents.